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Advanced Fraud Examination Techniques
14 Sep, 2015
Location: Austin, TX.
Date: 14 - 16 September, 2015.

Acquire the case experience and know-how you need to excel in your job. This three-day advanced course takes place in a uniquely interactive learning environment where you will work on two actual fraud cases that have been modified for teaching purposes. ACFE personnel will role-play key witnesses and suspects to help you develop the skills you need to find the truth and you will work together with your classmates on all phases of a fraud examination. 

You will simulate many aspects of a real case — interview a live suspect and try to obtain a confession; compile evidence and build your case; offer testimony and be cross-examined. By understanding how it feels to be part of a small team working a real investigation, you will enhance your skills as a fraud examiner and expand your capabilities.  

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